Long RNA Oligo Service

Synthesis of long RNA oligos by in vitro transcription

Chemical methods cannot synthesize long RNA oligos. We use in vitro transcription method to generate a long RNA oligo. We handle whole processes of DNA synthesis, in vitro transcription, and purification. Our expert team has delivered thousands of RNA transcripts with sizes up to kilobases. Our RNA oligo products continue to play crucial roles in diagnosis, gene silencing, protein expression, structural studies, and therapy.

long RNA oligo service
When to choose in vitro transcription?

•Need a long RNA sequence
•Require a large amount of RNA
•Need a messenger RNA (mRNA)

Why choose our long RNA oligo service?

• DNA templates
We offer full services for custom long RNA oligo synthesis, from DNA to RNA production. However, to accelerate your project, we also encourage customers to submit your own DNA template (plasmid or PCR product) for RNA production. The DNA template should have a promoter (T7, SP6 or T3) at 5′-end of the target sequence.

• Precise gene sequence
We generate long RNA from verified DNA templates. Thus, the long RNA products have a precise sequence.

• High purity
We offer PAGE and spin column purification of RNA products. These methods can remove proteins, free rNTPs, small DNA fragments, and salts from the final RNA products.

• Careful handling to avoid cross contamination
Trace cross contamination occurs when multiple RNA samples are proceeded. Our expert team has strong knowledge and technologies to avoid the risk of RNA sample cross contamination.

• Removal of DNA templates
For many applications, the DNA template needs to be removed following RNA production. The DNA template is degraded into smaller fragments. Our subsequent purification steps can remove the degraded DNA fragments.

• Small to large scale production
We can synthesize RNA from µgs to grams.

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