Custom Bioconjugation Services

Bioconjugation is a complicated process to form a covalent link between two molecules, at least one of which is a biomolecule. With our advanced technologies, we offer a full spectrum of custom bioconjugation services. Our bioconjugation products are widely used in diagnostic assay, therapy, vaccination, and purification.

Why Choose Our Custom Bioconjugation Services  

Although bioconjugation is a chemical process, it requires a deep understanding of biology and chemistry. Above all, a successful conjugate should maintain all the functions of its individual parts. Thus, a proper conjugation requires a sufficient knowledge of the reactive groups, reagent types, and functional groups on the molecules. It is also crucial to understand how modification of a molecule can potentially affect its activity. We have extensive knowledge about active sites and residue accessibility of biomolecules. In addition, our hands-on experience enables us to choose correct residues for conjugations, a proper solvent for modification and conjugation reaction, and a mild purification process.

Our General Approach to Bioconjugation

Custom Bioconjugation Services
• Modification of both molecules by crosslinkers
• Removal of crosslinkers in excess
• Coupling of modified molecules
• Purification of bioconjugates
• Quality assurance

Custom Bioconjugation Services at Click Biosystems

We provide one-stop-shop custom bioconjugation services, including biomolecule preparation, modification, conjugation, and purification. We also have ability to analyze and test the conjugate. Hence, in a typical service, customers only need to specify molecules for conjugation. Then we will design a proper approach to creating the final product. Finally, we manufacture the conjugate for the customer.

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• Peptide-carrier protein conjugation
• Protein/antibody conjugation
• Oligonucleotide bioconjugation
• Polymer conjugation
• Surface immobilization
• Pre-activation of biomolecules

Applications of Our Custom Bioconjugation Products
Molecule-1 Molecule-2 Application
Carrier protein (KLH, Blue carrier, BSA, OVA, toxoid) Peptide, compound, oligonucleotide, carbohydrate Antibody production
Antibody Drug, dye, enzyme, fluorescent protein, oligonucleotide drug delivery, immunoassay
Streptavidin Dye, enzyme, fluorescent protein, oligonucleotide Immunoassay
Oligonucleotide Dyes, enzyme, fluorescent protein Diagnosis
Polymer (PEG, Dextran, Chitosan, dendrimer) Drug, protein, oligonucleotide Drug delivery
Bead or Resin (agarose, nanoparticle) Protein, enzyme, compound oligonucleotide Purification, diagnosis

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