Custom Protein Expression Service

We offer custom protein expression service in bacteria (E.coli).

Why Choose CBI’s Custom Protein Expression Service? 

With our unique SoluPrx methods, we offer high-quality custom protein expression service in bacteria. Our proteins are suitable for antibody development, structure study, function assay and others applications. In our custom protein expression service, we handle the whole process of gene synthesis, plasmid construction, transformation, expression screening and purification. You only need to provide the protein sequence information.

• Unique SoluPrx technology for soluble expression in bacetria
• Small to large proteins
• Great success rate (>95%)
• High purity product (>95%)
• Great activity
• Small to large scale production
• Fast turnaround

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Protein Expression in E.coli

E.coli is the most common bacterial host for the expression of recombinant proteins. There are many advantages of E. coli protein expression systems. First of all, E.coli is able to express proteins at a very high yield. Hence, E.coli can produce large amount of the target protein. Another merit for E.coli is the rapid growth rate, leading to a fast turnaround time. Moreover, the cost for protein production in E.coli is relatively low.

One the other hand, post translational modification of proteins in E.coli is imperfect. So, E.coli may not be suitable for the expression of a protein having complex modifications. Additionally, some proteins are not properly folded in E.coli. As a result, the protein requires costly in vitro refolding process to work properly. Moreover, E.coli has low chance to secret proteins into culture medium.

Nevertheless, E.coli has well-documented advantages like high yield and low cost over other methods. Hence, E.coli is the most favorable system for the protein production. As a result, scientists use E. coli protein to a large extent. In addition, E.coli has produced many therapeutic proteins.

At Click Biosystems our new SoluPrx technology offers the greatest opportunity to produce your protein in E.coli.

Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells

As compared to E.coli, mammalian cells have advantages in protein initiation signals, processing, secretion, and modifications. Thus, they are able to produce native mammalian proteins. In addition, mammalian cells work well for secreted and membrane proteins. Furthermore, mammalian cells are vital for expressing intact large molecules such as antibody. Conversely, the disadvantages of mammalian cells are high cost, low yield, and difficult process.

E.coli vs. Mammalian Protein Expression 
Characteristics E. coli Mammalian
Cell Doubling rapid (30 min) slow (24 h)
Growth medium minimum complex
Cost low high
Yield high low to moderate
Secretion rare medium
In vitro refolding usually required no need
Glycosylation no yes
Phosphorylation no yes
Acetylation no yes
Acylation no yes
gamma-Carboxylation no yes

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