Molecular Biology Services

At Click Biosystems, we offer a full complement of molecular biology services to assist your research.

• Detection of mycoplasm contamination
We provide PCR-base services for the routine detection of mycoplasma contamination in your cell lines. Our method is rapid, reproducible, sensitive, and cost-effective. It can detect a broad range of mycoplasma species, including non-culturable strains.

• DNA methylation analysis
We offer full DNA methylation services from DNA extraction to methylation analysis. The service includes DNA extraction, preliminary PCR and sequencing of genomic DNA, bisulfite conversion, primer design, PCR amplification, DNA sequencing and data analysis.

• Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping
We analyze SNP using PCR followed by sanger sequencing.

• Mouse genotyping
We offer customized genotyping services for knock-out, knock-in, transgenic, or any other genetically-modified mouse strains.

• DNA and RNA extraction
We perform nucleic acids (total RNA, mRNA, microRNA, small RNA, viral RNA, DNA) isolation and purification from cell line, FFPE, fresh tissues, and other sources.

• DNA mutagenesis
We provide any kind of mutagenesis such as point mutation, deletion and insert.

• cDNA cloning and subcloning
We provide services for PCR cloning of a gene from genomic DNA, cDNA library or BAC and clone into your vector. We also provide subcloning services from cloning vectors to expression or specialized customer vectors.

• Antibody sequencing
Cloning and sequencing of leader sequence and variable region of antibody heavy and light chains from a hybridoma cell line.

• Plasmid DNA preparation
We provide high-quality plasmid from microgram- to gram-scale.

• Vector construction
We construct shRNA expression plasmids for gene silencing use.

• Protein extraction
We are able to extract total protein from cultured cells and tissues for further analysis.

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