Custom Long DNA Oligos (long ssDNA, dsDNA)


Long DNA oligos are useful for cloning, diagnosing, genome editing, cell line generating, vaccinating, antibody producing and other applications. Compared to chemical methods for short sequences, we use molecular biology methods to create custom long DNA oligos. Thus, we are able to deliver any length long single-stranded DNA (ssDNA, lssDNA) and double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragments. Also, we can create DNA with complex sequences (high GC, repeated, very long etc.). Furthermore, our DNA products are verified by sequencing.

Our Custom Long DNA Oligo Products

Long single-stranded DNA (ssDNA, lssDNA) fragment
Long double stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragment
Custom Long DNA Oligos (long ssDNA, dsDNA)

Why should you choose our custom long DNA oligos service?

• Flexible synthesis scale
We can synthesize custom long DNA oligos in μg, mg and gram.

• Labeling of long DNA oligos
One unique feature of our service is that we can label long DNA oligo fragments with dyes (FAM, ROX, Alexa, Cyanine, etc.), crosslinkers (amine, disulfide, maleimide, hydrazide, aldehyde, DBCO, azide, etc.), peptides, protein/antibody, polymers, solid supports, and other materials.

• High purity
We purify long DNA oligo fragments on PAGE or agarose gels. For purification of DNA plasmids, we use silica gel and ion exchange methods. In addition, the long DNA oligos are eluted in nuclease-free water.

• Quality control
The concentration of long DNA oligos is determined by OD260. We also measure the OD260/OD280 ratio. Moreover, we analyze long DNA oligos by PAGE or agarose gels. The DNA oligos are also verified by DNA sequencing.

• Avoiding cross contamination
Trace cross contamination between long DNA oligo products can severely affect research. It often occurs during processing of multiple DNA sequences. However, our clean facilities and protocols can effectively avoid this phenomena.

• Certificate of Analysis
We provide a data sheet with each custom long DNA oligo. The data sheet includes details about the oligo sequence, molecular weight information, and quality control data (concentration, total amount of oligo sent, gel picture, and DNA sequencing data).

• Delivery & storage
Our custom long DNA oligos are in the form of dry powders, allowing long-term storage.

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