Gene synthesis service

At Click Biosystems, we provide gene synthesis services for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragments and plasmids. We supply ready-to-use dsDNA fragments or plasmids with verified sequences. Our DNA products are useful for subcloning, diagnosis, genome editing, protein expression, in vitro transcription, cell line generation, vaccination, and antibody production.

Synthesis of ready-to-clone double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragments 

The double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragment is an immediate product of gene synthesis. Due to its low cost and fast turnaround time, the dsDNA fragment is a favorable product for many researchers. However, the dsDNA fragment may contain a small amount of incorrect bases at any position. Due to the large number of correct bases at the same position, DNA sequencing may not detect the errors. Hence, many applications require further cloning of the dsDNA fragment into a desired vector. For the purpose of easy cloning, we offer 4 types of ready-to-clone dsDNA fragments. Such “pre-made” dsDNA fragments can directly ligate into a desired vector. When applied into a vector, our ready-to-clone dsDNA fragments generate extremely accurate clones (>90% accuracy).

Gene synthesis service

Product types, length, delivery & application


Length Delivery Application
Blunt end up to 2 kb 500 ng Gibson assembly, diagnostic template, IVT, protein expression, genome editing, etc

Blunt end


Up to 2 kb 500 ng cloning to vector

Cohesive end

Up to 2 kb 500 ng cloning to vector

A tail

Up to 2 kb 500 ng cloning to TA vector
Gene synthesis and cloning service 

Compared to the dsDNA fragment, gene cloning service delivers a plasmid with a correct gene insert. Our expert team can clone any gene into any vector. In our gene cloning service, we handle the whole process of dsDNA generation, ligation, transformation and clone screening. In addition, we verify the gene insert by DNA sequencing. Hence, the plasmid product has 100% sequence accuracy. Moreover, we stock more than 100 vectors for cloning of any dsDNA fragments. Finally, our gene synthesis and cloning is a one-stop service. Thus, customers only need to provide the gene sequence information.

• any gene in any vector
• 100% sequence accuracy
• free codon optimization
• 2 µg plasmid dry powder
• certificate of Analysis (COA)
• DNA sequencing data covering your gene

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