Custom RNA Synthesis (in vitro transcription)

At Click Biosystems, we offer in vitro transcription for custom RNA and mRNA synthesis. We deliver single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) and double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) oligos for up to kilobases long.

Chemical synthesis and in vitro transcription (IVT) are able to produce RNA oligos. The chemical method can synthesize short RNA oligos. In vitro transcription, however, is capable of generating both short and long RNA sequences. Compared to the chemical method, in vitro transcription requires a purified DNA template containing a promoter and an RNA coding sequence. The in vitro transcription reaction also needs rNTPs, a buffer system, and an RNA polymerase.

When to choose chemical synthesis?
•Need an RNA shorter than 15 nt
•Require a specific sequence at the 5ʹ-end of RNA
•Need a modified base at a specific site on the RNA

When to choose in vitro transcription?
•Need a long RNA sequence
•Require a large amount of RNA
•Need a messenger RNA (mRNA)

Why choose our custom RNA synthesis service?
• Careful review of sequence
• All types of long RNA (ssRNA, dsRNA, mRNA)
• Full service from DNA synthesis to RNA production
• Successful delivery of thousands of RNA sequences
• Precise sequence
• High purity by silica gel column or PAGE
• Careful handling to avoid cross-contamination
• Removal of DNA template

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