SoluPrx Protein Expression

Soluble protein expression by bacteria is the most cost-effective way to produce recombinant proteins. However, common bacterial protein expression systems often result in the formation of insoluble proteins. Our proprietary “SoluPrx” technology is able to maximize the solubility of recombinant protein in E.coli. In fact, our E.coli recombinant proteins are expressed and isolated in a soluble form. Thus, the SoluPrx protein expression service offers the best opportunity for producing active protein products.

Why SoluPrx Protein Expression Service?

• greatest success rate
• greatest solubility
• high yield
• high purity product
• purification as little as micrograms products

How does SoluPrx Protein Expression Service Work?

The yield and solubility of a recombinant protein in E.coli can be improved by co-expression with a fusion tag. However, frequently used fusion tags (Thx, SUMO, GST, MBP, NusA) have distinct effects on protein solubility. Additionally, these tags are too large or not suitable for affinity purification.

In contrast, SoluPrx is new technology enhancing protein solubility with superior performance to the older methods. In the first place, the SoluPrx technology stands out for its highest success rate of enhancing protein solubility in E.coli. Hence, it is a more reliable method for new proteins. Secondly, SoluPrx technology maximizes the solubility of the passenger protein. As a result, it allows the expression of a large amount of soluble proteins. Unlike fusion tags, SoluPrx technology does not cause a high metabolic burden on cells. Additionally, SoluPrx can generate tag-free proteins.

Examples for SoluPrx Recombinant Protein Expression
SoluPrx Protein Expression service
SoluPrx E.coli Protein Expression Service

Generally, SoluPrx protein expression takes 6 to 8 weeks from gene synthesis to expression in 3 phases.

Phase I Construction of SoluPrx Expression Plasmid

• Synthesize the gene coding the target protein
• Subclone into SoluPrx expression vector
• Verify the insert

Phase II Test for the expression
The recombinant protein expression is tested on a small scale culture. The solubility of the recombinant protein is identified by SDS-PAGE or Western Blot.

Phase III Protein Purification

Large scale bacterial culture will be performed and harvested for protein purification.

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