Custom mRNA Synthesis

At Click Biosystems, we offer custom mRNA synthesis services. The major features of our custom synthetic mRNA products are: 1) Codons are optimized for efficient expression; 2) U-depletion minimizes innate immune stimulation; 3) The cloning vector contains a promoter, 5′ and 3′-UTR regions, and a long poly(A)120 tail; 4) Plasmid templates are verified by Sanger sequencing; 5) mRNA products have a cap-1 structure; 6) mRNA products substitute 100% of the uridines with pseudouridine (Ψ), N1-methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) or 5-methoxyuridine (5-moUTP) or other rNTPs, and 7) All mRNA products are highly purified. In addition, we have synthetic mRNA products in stock that can deliver instantly.

Compared to a regular RNA, an mRNA sequence has a unique 5′-guanine cap and a 3′-long polyA tail. The 5′-cap prevents mRNA from degrading by an exonuclease and also promotes translation. As another important feature of mRNA, the 3′-polyA tail avoids damage to the molecule done by ribonuclease.

custom mRNA synthesis

Advantages of our custom mRNA synthesis services

• DNA templates
We offer full services for custom mRNA synthesis, from codon optimization to mRNA production. However, to accelerate your project, customers can supply their own DNA template (plasmid or PCR product) for mRNA production. We can also subclone your DNA template to our mRNA vector.

• “All-in-One” mRNA expression vector
Our mRNA expression vector contains all required elements for RNA production, including a promoter, UTRs, and 3′-poly(A)120 tail.

• High efficiency of 5′-capping
In vitro transcription can generate the 5′-cap structure by including a mixture of cap analog and rNTPs. In addition, enzymatic capping can achieve high efficiency (>95%). We offer both methods on demand.

• Options for standard and modified rNTPs
Our custom mRNA can incorporate both standard and modified rNTPs (ATP, UTP, CTP, GTP, pseudo-UTP, N1-methylpseudo-UTP, 5-methoxy-UTP, 5-methyl-CTP, N1-Methyl-ATP, etc.).

• Removal of DNA templates
The DNA template is degraded into smaller fragments. The degraded DNA pieces are then removed from the transcription reactions in subsequent purification steps.

• Removal of 5′-triphosphate
In vitro transcription leaves RNA with a 5′-triphosphate that can induce innate immune responses in cells. The 5′-triphosphate residues are removed by our process.

• High purity
Our process removes proteins, free rNTPs, small DNA fragments, and salts from the mRNA products.

• Modification
The synthetic mRNA products can be further modified by biotin, fluorescent dye, or other compounds. We offer site-specific modification of synthetic mRNA at 5′ or 3′-end.

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