Synthetic Firefly luciferase mRNA

Synthetic Firefly luciferase mRNA


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The synthetic firefly luciferase mRNA expresses the firefly luciferase protein when transfected into mammalian cells. The codons of firefly luciferase are optimized for expression in mammalian cells. Firefly luciferase is an oxidative enzyme originally isolated from the firefly (photinus pyralis). It emits bioluminescence in the presence of luciferin and ATP. As a reporter, it is commonly used in mammalian cell culture to measure gene expression and cell viability.

  • Codon-optimized for expression in mammalian cells
  • U-depletion
  • 5′- m7G cap (Cap-1)
  • Long polyA120 tail
  • 100% substitution of N1-methylpseudouridine
Product specification
Name Synthetic firefly luciferase mRNA
Amount 50 μgs
Gel Mobility Pass
Form lyophilized powder from nuclease-free water
Application In vitro research use only
Delivery and storage
Delivery Cold packs
Storage -70°C
Other Notes Avoid freeze/thaw cycle.

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