Synthetic Ovalbumin mRNA

Synthetic Ovalbumin mRNA


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The synthetic Ovalbumin mRNA (OVA mRNA) expresses the ovalbumin protein when transfected into mammalian cells. The codons of Ovalbumin mRNA are optimized for mammalian expression with the depletion of U bases. It has a cap-1 structure and a long polyA120 tail. The unmodified, synthetic Ovalbumin mRNA activates the innate immune system and production of cytokines, which will influence the overall induced immune response. We also offer N1-methylpseudouridine modified Ovalbumin mRNA that can reduce the innate immune response.

Ovalbumin is a chicken protein allergen mainly found in egg white. It is commonly used to sensitize immune reactions. As a heterologous gene, Ovalbumin mRNA may promote the growth and proliferation of immune cells, thereby enhancing the host’s anti-tumor and anti-viral ability. Expression of Ovalbumin mRNA in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells results in prominent OVA-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity in vivo and antitumor effects. Moreover, nanoparticle encapsulated OVA mRNA reduced the tumor growth rate in lymphoma-bearing mouse models.

  • Codon-optimized for expression in mammalian cells
  • U-depletion
  • 5′- m7G cap (Cap-1)
  • Long polyA120 tail
Product specification
Name Ovalbumin mRNA, synthetic
Amount 50 μgs
Gel Mobility Pass
Form lyophilized powder from nuclease-free water
Application In vitro research use only
Delivery and storage
Delivery Cold packs
Storage -70°C
Other Notes Avoid freeze/thaw cycle.

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