Synthetic Nanog mRNA

Synthetic Nanog mRNA


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The synthetic Nanog mRNA expresses the full-length human homeobox protein Nanog in transfected mammalian cells. The mRNA has a standard 5′-Cap-1 structure and a 3’-long poly(A) tail. It also has a 100% substitution of the modified nucleotide N1-Methylpseudouridine, which enhances the translation and reduces the innate antiviral response to single-stranded mRNA.

The NANOG gene encodes a human DNA-binding transcription factor Nanog. NANOG is thought to promote self-renewal and maintain pluripotency in undifferentiated cells. It activates the expression of SOX2 and OCT3/4. In combination with transcription factors SOX2, OCT3/4 (POU5F1), and FOXD3, Nanog plays a key role in self-renewal and pluripotency in embryonic stem cells. Thereby, Nanog has been used for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells.

NANOG is highly expressed in cancer stem cells. High expression of NANOG correlates with poor survival in cancer patients. In addition, the emerging role of Nanog in tumorigenesis and cancer stem cells has been studied. Nanog may function as an oncogene to promote carcinogenesis. Thus, Nanog has been evaluated as a prognostic and predictive cancer biomarker.

Product specification
Name synthetic Nanog mRNA
Amount 50 μgs
Gel Mobility Pass
Form lyophilized powder from nuclease-free water
Application In vitro research use only
Delivery and storage
Delivery Cold packs
Storage -70°C
Other Notes Avoid freeze/thaw cycle.

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