Synthetic RFP mRNA (Red Fluorescent Protein)

Synthetic RFP mRNA (Red Fluorescent Protein)


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The synthetic RFP mRNA expresses the full-length red fluorescent protein (RFP) when transfected into mammalian cells. RFP is a red (orange) fluorescent protein. It has excitation/emission spectra of 553/574 nm, respectively. In addition, RFP is over twice as bright as DsRed2. The synthetic RFP mRNA has a standard m7G cap (Cap-1) and a polyA120 tail for optimized expression in mammalian systems. It also has a 100% substitution of the modified nucleotide N1-methylpseudouridine, which enhances the translation and reduces the innate antiviral response to single-stranded mRNA.

  • Codon-optimized for expression in mammalian cells
  • U-depletion
  • 5′- m7G cap (Cap-1)
  • Long polyA120 tail
  • 100% substitution of N1-methylpseudouridine
Product specification
Name Synthetic RFP mRNA
Amount 50 μgs
Gel Mobility Pass
Form lyophilized powder from nuclease-free water
Application In vitro research use only
Delivery and storage
Delivery Cold packs
Storage -70°C
Other Notes Avoid freeze/thaw cycle.

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