Custom Antibody-DM1 Conjugate (protein-DM1)

Custom Antibody-DM1 Conjugate (protein-DM1)

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Mertansine (DM1) is a small-molecule compound that is used to generate antibody-drug conjugates. In 2013, FDA approved Trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1), an antibody-DM1 conjugate, for the treatment of Her2-positive breast cancer. We offer an antibody-DM1 conjugation service to create high-quality custom antibody-DM1 conjugates. The antibody-DM1 conjugate selectively binds to the target cell and delivers the maytansine (DM1) drug into it. Following internalization into the cell, the highly potent DM1 drug interacts with tubulins and inhibits the assembly of microtubules, killing the cell at an extremely low concentration. Thus, our custom antibody-DM1 conjugate is very useful for the early-stage screening of antibodies. We can also conjugate DM1 to non-antibody proteins and nucleic acids. The customer only needs to supply the labeling antibody or protein. Moreover, our custom antibody-DM1 conjugates are featured in high purity and activity.

Payload information

  • Name: Mertansine (DM1)
  • CAS number: 139504-50-0
  • Mechanism of action: binds to tubulin and blocks cell division by inhibiting the assembly of microtubules
Maytansinoid DM1

Maytansinoid DM1

Advantages of our custom antibody-DM1 conjugate 

  • Any antibody possible to label
  • Well-controlled drug-to-antibody ratio (3-4 DM1 labeling per antibody)
  • Options of proteinase cleavable and non-cleavable linker
  • High yield
  • Removal of excess drug
  • High purity of the conjugate
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks

custom antiboy-DM1 conjugateSubmission of Antibody and Protein
We accept antibody samples that do not meet the below recommendations. However, the process may cause the loss of some materials.

  • Whole molecule or fragment (F(ab’)2, Fab, scFv, Fab’, VHH)
  • Highly purified
  • High concentrations
  • Free of carrier proteins (albumin, etc.)
  • No amine salts (Tris, etc.)
  • No free amino acids (glycine, etc.)

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